Ron has enjoyed camping for more than 35 years. Beginning as a teenager, Ron and a childhood buddy would often venture into the wild, camping at places like Yosemite upper country, the Owens Valley, Southern California’s high desert, and eventually the Canadian Rocky mountains. “The more primitive, the better” was our motto.

Never one to pass up a camping adventure, Ron’s early attempts usually involved much more enthusiasm and quest for adventure than wisdom. But, these beginning treks are what gave Ron the experience needed later as the camping tradition continued after getting married and having a family.

“Some of my fondest memories are camping with my wife and two daughters!” Kids and camping just go together. Hiking through nature’s backyard, catching that first fish, setting up camp, and cooking outdoors are just some of the adventures awaiting those who take the plunge. The experiences just have a way of bringing everyone closer together.

It is my sincere hope that CamptheWild.com can help those who are willing to venture into the wild by providing insight about campgrounds, gear guides, food recipes,  tips about camping, and much more.

Happy camping!